After the Flood, After the Hurricane

Today is Easter Sunday and as I sat in church, I listened to one of the speakers who is a woman with a young family. She discussed  her story of

Smiling as Service?

During the Savior’s mortal ministry, he emphasized the importance of serving others. He also taught that when we serve others, we serve God! How cool is that?! We can show

Serving Refugees

Recently, I was thinking about how I could serve and show love to the Afghan refugees.  I knew that tables and chairs were an item needed as they were settled

Death, Funerals and Service

How best to serve friends and relatives who have lost a loved a family member? Funeral Attendance? Several times I have heard people justify not going to a funeral by

Accepting Service

Why is accepting service sometimes so hard, but it is easier to go help someone out? Should I have a balance? There is something called the Goldilock principle, which is,

Maya Angelou Quarter and Service

I have a friend that consistently shares inspirational quotes from Maya Angelou on Facebook. I have learned from my awesome friend, to really appreciate her writing and insight. My favorite

Blog’s Focus

Service Story Submissions: This blog is being focused to capture stories of service in the “Dear Abby” style to help inspire ourselves and other to serve one another. Our